Commercial Laundry Equipment

Commercial Laundry Service

Kalco is a full service commercial laundry business. We save you time and money by washing all different grades of towels, sheets and blankets in an environmentally friendly process. 

We wash all customer items separately and return them to you wrapped.  This protects your investment from miscellaneous debris and preserves your items for later use.

Our business markets include:

  • veterinarians

  • chiropractic clinics

  • assisted living facilities

  • bars and restaurants

  • athletic facilities

  • hotels

  • motels

To learn more about our outstanding customer service and commercial laundry process, click here:  Commercial Laundry Service

Commercial Laundry Equipment

We sell refurbished pre-owned, rebuilt   commercial laundry equipment & parts.




Water Valves


Bill Changers

Coin Slides








If you don't see something you are looking for, give us a call.  Chances are we have it!

Our units are rebuilt with the highest standards. to understand more about our rebuilding process, click here:  


Rebuilt Commercial Laundry Equipment.

What if you're not sure what you need?  Don't worry.  


We offer a 

Goal to Grow Program

We helped several businesses who started out small -and it made sense to outsource the laundry requirements.

But then, as many good businesses do, they grow, and it becomes more cost effective to own your own equipment.

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